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Canning Hunger will begin curb painting Monday April 18, 2016

Canning Hunger is a non-profit organization that solicits donations for its curb painting services. Donations collected are used to provide food for agencies and organizations to be distributed at no costs to those in need.

Prior to any curb painting, every resident will receive a door hanger with information about the services as well as additional information on who to contact if you have questions. All donations are voluntary and collected only after work is completed.

Solicitors representing Canning Hunger will be identified by their Canning Hunger T-Shirt, Canning Hunger Identification Card, and each individual will have a copy of the City Permit.

Having a visible curb address enhances civic pride and makes it easier for Firefighters and Law Enforcement personnel to find your home.

If your curb address is painted wrong or if you would like your address skipped, please call Canning Hunger at 562-690-3035.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact the City of Walnut Business License Department at (909) 595-7543.

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