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Removal and Trimming of City Trees
UPDATE as of May 31, 2011
The City of Walnut Tree Maintenance Program is currently about 85% complete with no major impact to residents. Crews have completed work on Shadow Oak Drive and will now be working on Creekside Drive and Grand Avenue.

UPDATE as of May 16, 2011
The City of Walnut Tree Maintenance Program is currently about 75% complete with no major impact to residents. Crews will now be working on Shadow Oak Drive, Creekside Drive and Grand Avenue.

In an effort to increase public safety along our roads and sidewalks, the City of Walnut has undertaken an audit of its tree inventory and determined to be necessary to remove certain trees and provide extensive trimming of others.

The City of Walnut, at the recommendation of a certified arborist, will remove 530 trees and replace those trees removed with 100 new trees.

The City has over 15,000 trees in its inventory, compromised of a wide assortment of species. Over 80% of the inventory planted was during the mid 1980s, when the City was in its development peak, and some trees were planted too close together causing overcrowded areas.

Funding to undertake this effort will be provided by savings from Capital Improvement Projects, therefore there is no impact to the City’s general fund.

Click here to see the staff report.

Click here to see the arborist report submitted by West Coast Arborist.

Click here for an inventory of City trees and a count of tree removals and trimmings.

To see maps of trees being removed click on the appropriate street:


La Puente Road - Southcoast Drive to San Vicente Drive


La Puente Road - Lemon Ave to San Roque Drive

La Puente Road - San Roque Drive to Paseo del Caballo


Amar Road - Creekside Drive to Lemon Ave.

Amar Road - Creekside Drive to Nogales Street

Amar Road - Lemon Ave. to Alta Sierra Road

Creekside Drive - Colina Drive to Amar Road

Creekside Drive - Lemon Ave. to Grey Fox Road

Creekside Drive - San Miguel Road to Colina Drive

Lemon Ave. - Hunter Hill Circle to Amar Road

Nogales Street - Sutter Creek Drive to Shadow Oak Drive

Nogales Street - Shadow Oak Drive to City Limit

Shadow Oak Drive - Silver Bridle Road to Beverly Drive

Shadow Oak Drive - Beverly Drive to Nogales Street


Amar Road - Alta Sierra Road to Meadowpass Road

Amar Road - Meadowpass Road to Grand Ave.


Grand Ave. - La Puente Road to Snow Creek Drive


Suzanne Road - Valley Blvd. to DeLoraine Drive

Valley Blvd. - Grand Ave. to Somerset Drive

Valley Blvd. - Somerset Drive to Morningside Drive

Valley Blvd. - Morningside Drive to Suzanne Road


Grand Ave. - Mountaineer Road to College Vista Ave.

Grand Ave. - Snow Creek Drive to Stonybrook Drive

Grand Ave. - Stonybrook Drive to Temple Ave.

Grand Ave. - Temple Ave. to Mountaineer Road
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