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Walnut Mission Statement
Our mission is to exceed expectations of the people of Walnut. We collaborate with the community to enhance our civic pride.

Walnut is a place where small town values are respected and blended with contemporary ideals. It is a community that considers the lessons of the past, understands current and future realities, and shares a sense of cultural belonging. These are the core values celebrated on the eve of the City’s 50th anniversary with our mission statement.

We will exceed expectations by:

 Delivering an excellent level of service
 Striving to be educated and well informed
 Rewarding innovation
 Seeking new cost efficiencies
 Preparing Walnut for the future

We will collaborate by:

 Encouraging open discussion
 Responding to residents with courtesy
 Embracing cultural diversity
 Providing clear directions for people using our services
 Building teamwork among employees

We will enhance civic pride by:

 Ensuring the City is well maintained
 Promoting Public Safety
 Offering superior facilities and programs
 Creating opportunities for Walnut families
 Honoring the City’s history
 Supporting a prosperous business environment
 Recognizing achievements
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