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Park Creek
The City of Walnut Parks system includes eleven parks with 90 total acres of maintained facilities. The convenient location of the parks allows residents to have a recreational area near their neighborhood to enjoy a picnic, celebrate a birthday party or just relax with family or friends. Click here for the City's Park Guide.

Walnut residents may reserve Snow Creek, Creekside, Lemon Creek, or Suzanne Park by visiting the Parks and Recreation department at least one week in advance. Reservations for parties include tables and grills and are on a first come first served basis. The City does not allow moon bounces or carnival rides in the park. Reservations of 150 or more must be approved by the Parks and Recreation Commission and should be made at least four weeks in advance. Parks may not be reserved for major holidays. Click here for a park reservation form.

For additional information regarding park reservations and information, please contact the Maintenance Recreation Facility located at 21701 Valley Blvd., or call (909) 598-5605. We are glad to be of service.

City of Walnut Parks

  • Heidelberg Park - .14 acres
    20406 Loyalton Drive
    Heidelberg Park Profile
  • Walnut Ranch Park - 45.2 acres
    20101 Amar Road
  • Snow Creek Park - 7 acres
    20633 Snow Creek Drive
    Snow Creek Park Profile
  • Suzanne Park - 14 acres
    625 Suzanne Road
    Suzanne Park Profile
  • Creekside Park - 12 acres
    780 Creekside Drive
  • Arroyo Park - 2 acres
    19891 Camino Arroyo
    Arroyo Park Profile
  • Walnut Hills Park - 2 acres
    19475 Avenida Del Sol
  • Butterfield Park - 4 acres
    19730 Camino Arroyo
    Butterfield Park Promo
  • Lemon Creek Park - 3 acres
    130 Avenida Alipaz
    Lemon Creek Park Profile
  • Norman Ashley Park - .5 acres
    19711 East Valley Boulevard
  • Country Hollow - Passive Park- 7 acres
    Country Hollow Drive/Parker Canyon

Help Keep Our Parks Clean

In the past, the parks have experienced damage to their facilities by vandals. The City of Walnut is asking residents to report any suspicious activity to the Sheriff's Department at (909) 595-2264. The City also offers a reward of up to $500 for information that leads to the conviction of an individual found guilty of damaging City facilities.
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