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Economic DevelopmentWalnut is Business "REDI"
Retain, Enhance, Draw, and Improve

Walnut is an economically strong community with tremendous buying power. The median household income and rate of home ownership are substantially higher than other successful retail cities such as Arcadia, Glendale and Irvine. Additionally, the median home value is lower allowing for a higher discretionary income. As a community, we agree that carefully planned economic development is necessary to our continued economic stability and quality of life. We invite you to come prosper with us.

Detailed Walnut Community Profile (source: Southern California Association of Governments)


The City of Walnut contracts with HdL Companies for sales tax reporting. It is important to note that the below reports are formulated on a cash basis only; retroactive adjustments and double payments are not factored out.

- Total Sales Tax Revenue
- 1st Quarter 2015
- 2nd Quarter 2015
- 3rd Quarter 2015
- 4th Quarter 2015

- Top 25 Sales Tax Producers
- Total Sales Tax Revenue
- 1st Quarter 2014
- 2nd Quarter 2014
- 3rd Quarter 2014
- 4th Quarter 2014

- Top 25 Sales Tax Producers
- Total Sales Tax Revenue
- 1st Quarter 2013
- 2nd Quarter 2013
- 3rd Quarter 2013
- 4th Quarter 2013

If you would like to explore the many opportunities the City of Walnut has to offer you, simply contact our Economic Development Department. We will be happy to arrange a site visit or provide you with more information.

City of Walnut Economic Development Department
21201 La Puente Road
Walnut, CA 91789
(909) 595-7543

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